Samorost series were on sale at GOG last week, both are great adventure puzzle games.

Samorost 2

The older version is a HTML file embeds a SWF file which requires Flash. I installed Chrome just for playing it back then. Amanita released a remastered version on 5 November 2020 and it’s a free update! Install the updated game and start a adventure begin with a guy lost his dog. Sounds familiar? No, the Gnome doesn’t use a pencil.

Samorost 3

Some GOG .pkg installers don’t work at all. The .pkg file contains a postinstall script, it moves the game files to /Applications. The mv command does nothing somehow. You can use the following commands to extract and copy the game manually.

# extract pkg
xar -xf xxx.pkg

# extract Scripts
cd package.pkg
tar -xvf Scripts

# copy game files
cp -R payload /Applications/
# or run ./postinstall

# clear files
cd ..
rm -rf package.pkg Distribution Resources xxx.pkg

This is better because I don’t see the point of requiring admin privilege just to copy a folder. And most games powered by ScummVM include and run on an older version of ScummVM, I prefer to load them on the latest version anyway.

Amanita uploaded a Samorost documentary on their YouTube channel, go check it out!

Okay move along, move along people, there’s nothing to see here!