Upgrade OpenWrt

As always, I switched the shell to zsh after installed a new system then mess around with it for a while. A few days later, I planned to upgrade it to the latest snapshot build. I already knew the build doesn’t come with many packages like LuCI and I though that’s fine, I can install it again in terminal. But I forgot it also doesn’t have zsh! Sadly, I can’t reach my router even though it just sits there. Without any other options I had to reset it.

“Smart” scale

I can’t help laugh about it, this is so stupid and hilarious. Xiaom’s Mi Scale doesn’t encrypt it’s Bluetooth connection and it stores all the data. Assume one of your neighbors happens to have one, you can install this awesome open source app called “openScale” and simply connect to it, then you will know all his weight records over the years. And the app also shows you lots of nicely arranged charts and tables. AHAHAHHAH.

What I learned today

Knowing is not half the battle and never buy crappy products.

Okay move along, move along people, there’s nothing to see here!