I learned something last year: if you eat lots of fresh copper spikes, your urine will turn red for the rest of the day. Don’t panic! You’re fine, that’s just the part of the mushroom you can’t digest.


The third week is a disaster, it’s so horrible that it feels exactly like I was attending … a college course. I was totally lost during the lectures and after solving some puzzles I may feel like I learned something but in fact I know nothing. There are at least three ways to remedy the pain:

  • explain why and how things work, avoid reading any definition

  • more examples

  • explain why each option of the quizzes is right or wrong and don’t hide the options in the feedback page

I can’t believe Coursera only shows five star reviews on enroll page and boasts them as ‘top review’(top star?) to whitewash courses, that’s absolutely misleading. If you click “View all reviews”, you will find the first three most helpful reviews are all one star and this even happens to some of the most popular courses. The course discussion forum has more complains from frustrated learners but you can’t see them until enrolled.


I came across this Edo period scroll when I was browsing Wikipedia. I wonder what they are eating in the painting, potato?

Okay move along, move along people, there’s nothing to see here!