Point Instance node currently doesn’t support Mesh Primitive Node, that’s why I create scaled cube for each iteration manually. I’d like to add the fourth iteration but the rainbow beach ball keeps spinning and Blender gulps insane amount of memory.

I filter some points in the center of the cube and hope it will eliminate some unnecessary computation. Blender still freezes about five minutes and consumes lots memory but I get my level-4 sponge. If I can somehow filter the previous iteration points it should run faster.

Level-4 sponge image

Damn! Blender’s Extra Objects add-on can create Menger Sponge and it’s way more faster.

Clearly the performance of removing smaller cubes is deficient af. I use the similar method of making Sierpinski tetrahedron and now it’s faster than the Blender add-on.

Main node group

Each iteration group

Rotate group

Up group

Okay move along, move along people, there’s nothing to see here!